POWERLINE 33HD Series Isolators
One of the finest isolators on the market, the Powerline Isolator is engineered and heat-chamber designed to handle total isolator rating with either battery leg. This function allows installed auxiliary batteries to operate accessories (such as Schottky Diode and Medical Equipment) or even charge batteries (such as maintenance free & deep cycle batteries) with or without the vehicle operating. Current uses range from ambulance, police and fire engines, to limos, marines, service vehicles, snowplows, and many more. The isolator is intended to monitor proper current control to each battery bank, and is accepted worldwide as a sufficient method for charging multi and dissimilar battery banks properly. Models are available in 70-400 amps in negative and positive ground, as well as a special model for Delco “CS” Series Alternator. Heavy duty models as well as external rectifiers for 300 amp isolators are also available.

HDPSI Restocking Policy
Customers may return products for restocking at HDPSI within 90 days from purchase. Returned items must be in the same condition as they were originally shipped from HDPSI and there is a 20% restocking fee for dealers or distributors with open credit. (35% for Visa or MasterCard) For more information, call HDPSI.

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